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So, basically this says that every number or combination of numbers is an experience or a reality. You can have experiences independent of being locked into a reality form. You can go off and have an experience, which oftentimes you do at night in your dream state; you can go off and have an experience and it’s not locked into a reality, like this human very linear reality that we have right now. Ultimately, it all comes back to zero, back to the center, which oddly enough now looks like a circumpunct or the symbol for consciousness. You can go out and have all these experiences, these combinations of numbers. Most of the time, as I said, the humans, they stay in this (left-to-right) realm. If you would just underline that, Linda, and put an arrow right at the right end of it. Most humans look at life very linearly, and they incarnate back along that same linear line. They combine the numbers in a variety of different ways and, again, the numbers simply represent experience, or it could be an aspect or lifetime, but they start combining the numbers and the numbers could go into the billions and trillions and whatever. They can get very, very complex, and then you have all the different ways of dividing or calculating with the numbers. It’s the same way of saying in your life you’re picking energy – in this case on the board, it’s numbers – you’re picking energies, combining them, merging them together to create your experiences. But at the basis of all this is zero, which actually is not a number. It’s simply a starting point.

What humans don’t generally do, is experience in these other realities. They stay on this level. It’s comfortable. It’s safe. They’re used to the physical reality. But you could be going up and down. You could be – well, this could be your past lives that you could be experiencing right now, if you chose to, but generally not. You’re focused on this. You could be out here just scattered all around having an experience independent of a specific reality. And the point of all this is ultimately you always go back to zero.

Zero is not really zero. It’s just a beginning point. Zero is not a number that you combine with other numbers. Zero is not a number that you use to divide other numbers. It’s a placeholder, in a way. It’s a beginning point of experience.

And the reason why I bring this up at this Shoud today, and the importance of it, is that’s what we’re doing. We’re going back to zero. It doesn’t mean we’re starting all over, because you’ve had all these other experiences that are kind of shown on the board. You’ve got all these other experiences, but now we come back to zero.

Zero is not filled with any numbers, per se, but zero now has a tremendous amount of wisdom. And zero, now coming back to that as a starting place, you now realize you don’t have to have a new experience. You don’t have to get back on the linear human, the “+1, +2, +3, +4.” You can choose whatever you want and you can experience it however you want. You can do it in a variety of different realms, if you want.

Back to Zero Point

Take a moment to feel into zero again. Not a number. You don’t combine it with the others, but it’s always that beginning point, what humans often call the zero point. That’s where we’re at. You’ve had all these experiences in this lifetime. You’ve run the gamut of this linear experience for many, many, many lifetimes, and now we’re back at the zero point. What does that mean? It means you’ve gone very deep within yourself. You’ve explored the core of really who you are. You’ve taken a very, very deep dive in this lifetime, in addition to having a lot of experiences, but you’ve gone very deep within, and you’ve come back to this point, the zero point. You’re still carrying some vestiges of old wounds and old issues with you, as we come back here. Those will dissolve away. And please, as I said earlier, don’t work at them. Don’t force them. Don’t use techniques. Don’t try to mantra them out of your life. Don’t try to use healers. These will simply dissolve away, even the most stuck issues.

Some Shaumbra still have issues with abundance. These will simply dissolve away. The moment you get in and start trying to figure it out, you wrestle with them or beat them, they’re just going to persist. They’re going to stick around. But if you just take a deep breath and you realize all these things now are just going to melt away. You’re coming back to the zero point. You’re coming back to your own consciousness. After journeying out into this universe, in this cosmos of numbers, which really are just experiences, you’re coming back to the zero point. That’s the park bench. That’s the park bench. It’s the zero point that we come back to.

Now you’re here to do the real thing you came here to do. The important thing, once again, is don’t engage with issues. And I know some of you get a little hot under the collar, because, I don’t know, perhaps you want to engage with them. You want to suffer. You can’t believe it would be this easy. It is. The moment you engage with a physical issue, in other words, you’re trying to figure it out or you’re obsessing on it, or you’re trying to figure out some new alternative cure or something else, you’re right back into it and it’s not going to dissolve away, because this issue – just think of it as one of these numbers – says, “Oh, you still want me around, because you’re engaging with me. So, I’m going to stick around.” If you realize you’re coming back to the zero point – it’s you, it’s consciousness, consciousness that ultimately commands energy; if you realize that you’ve had a tremendous number of experiences, but now you’re back home, now it’s simply about being on this park bench and shining your light. Back at the zero point.

Along the way, some Shaumbra dropped out. Quite a few Shaumbra dropped out, for a variety of reasons. Perhaps I offended them. I can’t possibly imagine that, but perhaps I did. Perhaps I even tried to get rid of them, because they were so ingrained with their issues. They were so adamant about holding on to them and blaming somebody else. They were tilting at their windmills. They were fighting ghosts that weren’t there. They were obsessed with their own challenges. They hung on to them, whether it was a family situation or a relationship or their self-worth, whatever it happened to be. They really weren’t ready to be here. And it was better for them not to be, because it would have had an effect on everybody else. So many of you persisted. You made it this far. Now we’re back at the zero point.

Take a deep breath and if you have any remaining issues – self-worth issues or any remaining doubts – take a deep breath and don’t engage. Let them go. They’re ready to go, really. They’re ready to go. Don’t engage. And Cauldre’s asking me, “Okay, is this being an innocent in the face of great battles?” “Is it being stupid,” I guess is what he’s asking. Is it being naïve to basically ignore the issues? Not at all. The energy dynamics are so simple. If you engage with an issue – and you know what that’s like; let’s say, it’s an abundance thing and you’ve gone for, what, lifetimes, maybe decades with it – if you engage with it, it will continue to be there. If you realize that you’re back at zero point, you’re back in your own consciousness, in your own home, in your own energy, these things will just go away, without you having to focus on them, without you having to sprinkle fairy dust on them, without any sort of crystal healing or therapy, any of that. And then you’re going to wonder why you didn’t do this sooner, why I didn’t tell you about it sooner, but we’ll talk about that at a later point.

But right now, take a deep breath and allow yourself to come back to zero point. Yeah, you’ve got all these numbers representing all of your experiences and all the things you’ve done, but you’re back at zero point. It’s not a number. In other words, it’s not an experience. It’s who you are. Feel into that for a moment. It took you a while to get back here. You had to get through that myriad of all these numbers out there, all the experiences and all the things that you’ve gone through. Every number out there could be an identity that you had in the past, a past life, or various identities in this lifetime. You had all those characters, all those aspects out there, but somehow you made your way back to the zero point. It’s not another experience. It’s not another character or aspect. It’s who you are. You dove deep enough into it, you found your way here in spite of so many distractions, and now you’re here.

As I mentioned, some Shaumbra dropped out along the way. They were too interested in causes and battles, and you’ve all seen it, particularly in this coronavirus era. It’s ripe for battles and controversies and conspiracies and righteousness and everything else. None of it really matters. None of it matters to you, anyway. It’s not your battle anymore.

So many insist on these fights and they simply don’t have a place with where we’re going right now. They may have a change of heart sometime in the future, but right now it’s this group, you, this really quite dedicated group of Shaumbra around the world. So right now, take a deep breath and get comfortable on your own park bench, whether you’re sitting on one or not, whether you have one or not, but it’s a metaphor. It’s a metaphor for zero point, for coming back home to yourself. Surely, battle weary and perhaps a lot of stories, a lot of numbers flying around, but now it’s time to come back, come back to yourself, and for the real reason we’re here.

You’re a zero. Hm. You’re zero, and that’s a good thing. Anyway, your core, your center point is zero. That’s a good thing, because now it doesn’t have all the overlays of the past and old memories and old ghosts and everything else. You’re back home to yourself. It’s the “I Am, I Exist,” and now it’s your park bench.

Do you need a literal park bench? No, but it’s not a bad idea to get one, just as a reminder, as a place to sit and a place to do what we’re going to be doing. It’s a good symbol. But, no, you don’t actually have to have one. You can call a chair your park bench or you can call a toilet a park bench for all I care. It doesn’t really matter, but just remember you’re zero now. Zero is not just another number.

Zero is you. It’s consciousness.

In this series, we’re going to be doing active benching. I’ll be getting into that and, again, not that it takes a lot of teaching or explanation; we’re just going to be doing it. But today I wanted to start out, well, with the basics of the basics. Today, I wanted to start with the Park Benching 101. So, let’s put on some music and let’s start with our park benching right here.

The Art of Benching

Now, imagine for a moment a house. You’ve got a large house with many, many rooms. (music begins) You’ve been exploring these rooms and remodeling them and changing them around over the years, particularly since you began this journey. And I’m going to digress for a moment. This is not a spiritual journey, what you’re on. Sometimes that can be such a distraction, because, well, people think they’re on a spiritual journey and then they think they have to act spiritual. They think they have to or can’t eat certain things. They have to act a certain way. They have to be ohming and ahming all the time, and they have to be nice to everyone and they can’t smoke or drink or anything. That’s not spiritual. That’s a game. That’s another number on the board. That’s all it is. It’s another number or a combination of numbers. And the interesting thing is so often, not always, but so often when people are “being spiritual,” they’re battling things within themselves. I mean, as simple as saying, well, your spiritual cult doesn’t allow you to eat sugar and now they’re battling that sugar is somehow bad. I don’t know why, but sugar’s bad and now they’re battling. So, it’s really not spiritual.

And what we’re doing isn’t spiritual. What we’re doing is simply about consciousness. It doesn’t matter what you eat or drink or how profane your language might be or any of that. It’s not about that. It’s not about trying to fix yourself or work off rough edges. All of you, by nature you’re pirates. Heh! So, no, this is not a spiritual experience. Metaphysical maybe, but it’s really about consciousness. So, as you come back to the zero point, don’t worry about being spiritual. We’re not. We’re not.

So you’ve got this large house and you’ve been roaming around in it, experiencing in it. It’s kind of a symbol of your body. It’s a symbol of your mind. I guess you could say the basement and the attic are symbols of subconscious and superconscious, but this has been your place, and you’ve spent a long time now trying to figure it out. How do you fix it up? How do you make it work for you? Oftentimes, you didn’t feel like you owned it, that it belonged to somebody else.

But particularly now in these past, oh, 20 years that so many of us have been together for, or however long it’s been that you’ve been with Crimson Circle, there’s been another room that’s being put together. And it’s not one that the human planned and designed and has to go in and build. It’s not one that the human has to go out and get the wood and materials for and get a hammer and nails or down on your knees putting in tile. It’s not like that.

This is a different room in your house. I’m just going to simply call it the zero room. It’s being built on its own. And all the work you’ve been doing, all the dedication you’ve had, it’s just being built on its own, and it becomes a permanent addition to your house, to you, to your body, to your mind, to your life. And this room is different than the others. It doesn’t have solid walls. It doesn’t have windows, because it doesn’t need it. Matter of fact, it’s really not like any of the other rooms in your house. It’s just light. It’s just awareness and consciousness. And for a long time, this room has been under kind of a metaphysical construction. Sometimes you’re aware of it, sometimes not. Sometimes you wondered what you needed to do to build this room. But for the most part it was, “just keep your hands off of it. Let it be built itself.” It’s the room of divinity. You’ve allowed it to be built. Who’s building it? Well, you could say the Master, the I Am, it doesn’t really matter, but it’s yours. The room of light, the room of divinity, and it’s that thing that shines. It’s that thing that is radiance, and in this room of divinity, there is no agenda. It’s never going to tell you what to do. It’s simply going to shine a light. It’s never going to give you some get-rich-quick scheme, it’s never going to try to heal your body.

This room has no agenda whatsoever. It is just light. But in that is everything. In that is all the potentials. And now here, as we start this series, I’d like you to go find that door to the room. It’s there. It’s in your house. Your house, again, a metaphor, a symbol of your body and your mind and, well, you in this life. I’d like you to go find it. Walk around the house a little bit. There’s a door. Behind that door is your light.

Of course, this is all just a metaphor for something very, very real, but so many of you will find, realize that that door has always been there. You never really asked what it was for. Sometimes you simply forgot about it.

You realize it’s always been there, but it was kind of ignored. It was slightly out of consciousness. But now, dear friends, it’s time to open that door. Put your hand upon that doorknob or that handle, whatever way that door is designed to access, and then to take a deep breath and open that door. And let that light that is in this room, let it flood into the rest of the house now. You don’t even have to walk into that room. You’re welcome to if you want, but what happens now is you open that door and let that light flood in. It’s the radiance. It’s your divinity. It’s not going to go in and try to change everything in the house, but it will shine a light, so you’ll see things. You’ll be aware of things you never were before. You’ll realize how magical your own house actually is, how you forgot about it a long time ago. Let that light, let it shine into your own house. This is the first step in the Art of Benching. It’s not about doing it for the rest of the world or other people right now. We’ll come to that, but in this session it’s about park benching for yourself, coming back to your zero point, coming back to you, your core, your consciousness, and letting that light shine. You do it first for yourself. You do it first for you.

It is a radiance that just pours. It pours into your body, into your thoughts, in your mind. And, again, not trying to change anything, not trying to make you different, but shining a light that you can see who you really are and what you’re really made out of. You’re not made out of all those numbers we talked about. You’re made out of consciousness and you.

Let that light now come forth from that room of your divinity. This is what dissolves away the last vestiges of the issues that you were holding on to, that you were battling and fighting and insisting on. This is what flows into this whole thing, if you’ve had abundance problems and it flows in and it shows you that there really is nothing holding you back from abundance. It’s not going to do the work for you, but it’s going to show you that it never really was a real issue. It’s just something you played with. It was another number on the board, and now you don’t need it. Now you don’t need it. Let that light shine into every part of you right now. Let it shine into your body. It’s not going to try to change your biology, but it will make it very clear to you that, first of all, that old body that you’ve been lugging around really wasn’t yours. It’ll shine a light to show you what your real, what your true what I call Free Energy Body is. Let it shine into every part of your biology. Some of you may have an illness or disease or diseases and aches and pains. Just let it shine in. Let it shine in, because pretty soon Kuthumi is going to be working with you on your real light body. Let the light shine in right now so that when he starts working with you, you can easily and gracefully bring in that full light body.

I know some of you have these, oh, some demons in your mind. Demons in your mind. Those are tough. Demons like lurking in the darkness, meaning that they’re there because there’s not a lot of consciousness. They’re in the dark. They’re kind of unaware, very limited. But when you open that door now to that room of divinity, that light shines in, the demons go away. They can’t stand the light. They need to work in the dark. They need to work in unawareness.

So, you’ll find that these demons that you’ve been putting up with – call them aspects, old voices that continue to try to beat you up – they can’t stand the light. And it’s you that’s allowing the light in. They might be yelling at you to shut that door or telling you you’re doing a stupid thing by letting the light in, but they’re going to have to go away. They can only exist in the darkness, in a lack of awareness. We start the benching with you.

A funny thing happens, you know, as you let that light in, well, if you were standing outside your house, what you’d suddenly see is this illumination through all the windows of the house. You know how you see a house in the early evening, the sun’s gone down, but the sky still has a little bit of light in it, and suddenly lights in the houses start coming on. That’s such a beautiful sight, and that golden glow just pours out of the windows in the house. Ah, it looks so inviting, so warm and safe in there. That’s what’s happening right now. If you were to stand outside your house and watch, when you opened that door of your divinity, the light just flooded in, illuminating every part of your house, but shining out onto the yard.

It really is this simple. You can make it more complex if you want, but it’s as simple as saying now it’s time to let that light, that consciousness into every part of you. And then, standing outside of the house you look around the neighborhood at the other houses, and suddenly you see their lights coming on, one by one, house by house, starting to light up the whole neighborhood. What a beautiful sight. Everything is quiet, peaceful, but all the lights start coming on. When you think at first that, “Oh, it’s the neighbors. It’s some other people, and it’s getting dark out, so they’re turning on their lights.” But look again. It’s not other people, it’s other “yous.” It’s your past lives, because when you open that door in your house, it also opened a door in theirs. It’s your past lives, your, what you could call, future lives, even though you start to realize there’s no such thing as past or future. They’re just experiences. They’re all numbers on the board. And you’re the zero. You’re the zero point. You’re the core, and now these lights start turning on all around in the neighborhood and the porchlights and inside lights and streetlights.

This neighborhood is all you. It’s all your energy. These are your past lives, because right now as you allow your Realization and as you open the door to your divinity in this reality, it is illuminating all the other realities. It is illuminating all the other lifetimes. They are changing as a result. You’re literally changing the past simply by opening the door to your divinity right now. The streetlights come on, and you can almost smell the magic in the air.

What’s happening right now, as you do this, is every one of your other experiences – aspects, lifetimes, even alternative realities that you really have no concept of in your human mind, but the other numbers on the board, the numbers that went up and down and sideways and randomized and just out there – every one of those now is subject to your light. It’s not just this being in this body and this mind in this lifetime. It’s all that you are. Feel into that for a moment. The simple act, the simple art of benching starts with you, starts right now and affects everything that you are. That light is pouring out into your energy. That light is pouring out into every experience you had and even the experiences you didn’t have. It’s changing everything. That’s why I’ve said for so very long that you’re doing much more than you thought you were. You thought you were just trying to repair or fix this human in this lifetime. Not at all. A light is going out to every part of you. Take a deep breath and allow it now to flow. Just allow it. You don’t have to work at it. You don’t have to force it. Just allow that light to go on, in this house of you in this lifetime, but now spreading throughout the neighborhood, down the block.

Lights going on everywhere. Every house representing a lifetime or an experience or a part of you, whether it’s in this realm or another, and pretty soon all the houses are lit. It all started right here… … at this zero point that you’re at. Coming back to zero, coming back to you. It all starts as you park bench for you. I know it’s wonderful to think about we’re going to be doing this shining our light for the rest of the world, but it’s most important to do it here first for yourself. Ah! Let that light shine throughout you. Park bench for you right now. No agenda. No saying, “Here’s what I need. Here’s what I don’t have. Here’s what I’m worried about.” None of that. Just light and consciousness and compassion flowing through every part of you, touching every part of your body.

Going into every part of your memories.

Every character, every personality, every persona you ever took on, whether it was a life or an aspect or just something that you did for a day. But that light now from your park bench, from your ground zero going out to every part of you. Not trying to change a thing, but simply saying, “I Am that I Am. I Exist.” This is the Art of Benching.

And this is why you chose to stay on the planet, eventually to shine that light out from your own home, from your own beingness to others who may or may not perceive it. It doesn’t matter, but it starts here with you. Most people think – most people who believe in a past life – most people, they think that the past life is etched in concrete, written in stone, that it is what it is. Not at all. What’s happening right now, in this very simple benching experience, that light is going out to every one of them, and their lives are changing. Their experience. Their numbers are no longer on that linear left-to-right path, using a very limited number of numbers to create experience. Suddenly, it all changes for them.

Suddenly, instead of being stuck on a certain path, they’re free. That also frees you.

You’ve gotten this far, and I ask, I nearly beg, please don’t work on your problems. You really don’t have any. Don’t engage in duality battles. Oh, the rest of the world, they’re really good at it right now and there’s a lot of it going on, but there’s no need for you to do that. There’s no battles. There’s no causes. You are simply, simply consciousness and light on the planet.

Don’t get caught in their dramas. Don’t get caught in your old problems. Don’t get sucked back into that duality. Come back to this park bench, your park bench. Come back to the zero point. I know at times it’s almost seductive for you to get back into the old fights and the old battles, but don’t. Come back to the zero point, right here, your park bench. Take a deep breath and instead of battling with the problems or obsessing or worrying or anything else, take a deep breath and be in that light. That’s it. Everything that you’ve considered a problem or a challenge, it dissolves away. There’s no more fight. There’s no more suffering. Let’s take a deep breath here in our first group park bench experience. This one’s for you. You open that door of the light, of divinity, of consciousness and let it then permeate throughout your entire house, and then into your neighborhood, and then into every part of you. That is the zero point. That’s what the park bench is for.

Yes, it’s pretty simple, but you have to go through a lot to get here. Pretty simple, indeed. So this is what we’re here for. Not to solve problems and not to obsess about issues and not to worry about politics, not to struggle with health issues or money. Those are gone now. Those are behind you. We’re here for the Art of Benching. With that, dear Shaumbra, take a very good deep breath. Take a very good deep breath. We’ll come back in a month and we’ll continue to do our benching and talking and entertaining, but this one today is very special. It’s all about you.

With that, I Am Adamus of Sovereign Domain, on my park bench.

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